I think I have truly found myself after I became a mother. Everything before that seems a learning curve leading to this moment, embracing motherhood. Meeting my wonderful husband changed my path in every possible way and since then he has been my rock.

Documenting my own family is something I am very passionate about. I documented pretty much everything that can be documented, either through photographs or little videos. I simply don’t want to forget anything as the years pass by so I really cling on to my big wooden chest full of treasured memories.

Kingsley, my 7 year old boy is the centre of my life. He is a very special boy and my desire to be someone that will lead him safely and confidently through life is often overwhelming, but rewarding in every possible way. I also home educate Kingsley so it is another journey and an adventure we will share together.

Taking photographs, snuggling with my family and pets, running, gardening and reading a book with endless cups of tea are things that make me feel contented and happy.

My work is something that is often quite confusing to see as work, as it is something that I enjoy doing so very much. Capturing your family moments and then hearing how much pleasure my photographs gave you is probably one of the most satisfying things that could happen to me. It is the same joy as the one I feel when I photograph my own family. I have been incredibly blessed with the wonderful and kind families I photograph. Watching your children grow from year to year is something very special!

Knowing that in many years of time my photographs will be on your walls or that I have documented the majority of Kingsley’s life so far is very important to me. So here we are.

I am very much looking forward meeting you all!