Indoor and Outdoor Sessions
The majority of my sessions are outdoors. Unless we are doing a newborn or baby shoot I would strongly recommend embracing the big outdoors. Sessions last between 1-2 hours and I will aim to do a nice mixture of candid and posed photographs.
When it comes to choosing a time of a day I would recommend early morning or late afternoon when the natural light is at it's best. Also, I will work around your little one’s nap times etc.
I have photographed in many beautiful locations and have a few that I keep going back to. My Blog is a good place to stop by and have a look at past work. My favourites are woodlands, meadows and fields. I like the intimate feeling those places can give us and they are simply magical. As a family you may have a favourite place you want to introduce me to…
If the session is in your home we will try to find a nice bright room as I use only natural light. Newborns and babies I tend to photograph on the bed. In order to keep the room light, think on the colours that will compliment this (white bed sheets, light bedspread, etc.). None of us adore ironing when our busy mummy schedule kicks in but you are going to make me very happy if your bedding is not creased. I will give you an extra hug for your effort.
I love spending some time in your baby’s room to photograph all their lovely effects. Toys, first shoes, cute clothes, bed time books and the rest of the cosy things that make your baby’s room so nice. That first pyjama, or first shoes, will soon end up in a box in your garage and be replaced with bigger pyjamas and bigger shoes… You can have a little browse through my Nursery Blog in order to see examples of collages I have made for other families.

How much it cost?
I charge £150 for a session with your newborn, baby or a toddler. If you would like to have a Family Session the cost is £175. For extended family members I charge £25 per person.
Prices include the photo session itself with a minimum of 30 edited digital files presented on a USB stick. You will receive your photographs within a week after our session.
I will travel within a 25 miles radius of Witney (Oxfordshire), but please get in touch if you live further away and I can quote any additional travel expenses.
In case someone is ill or you have scheduled an outdoor session but we have heavy rain, I will do my best to offer you a few dates to reschedule.
PLEASE read my Terms and Conditions before you proceed with your booking.

What to bring?
For all our outdoor adventures – picnic blankets and snacks (by that I mean “bribery”) are always in a good fashion.
We can blow bubbles, eat cupcakes, look for fairies, jump in puddles, read stories, build a castle, pick raspberries or apples, have a teddy’s picnic, snooze, laugh and giggle, paint, fly a kite, be a superhero, sing and dance, have a treasure hunt, bake muffins, go for a nature walk or sing Humpty Dumpty many, many times over.
You can bring to our session anything that will make it more enjoyable!

What to wear?
Wear what you are comfortable with but your session might be a good excuse to think outside the box. Coordinate colours but don’t match too much. My favourites are shades of mustard yellow, red and blue especially around areas where we have dominant green (woodlands, etc.). I love layers and textures as they bring a lovely depth to your outfit. Accessories are a great way to add that extra layer; hats, scarves, colourful shoes, bow ties or a floral crown for little ones are always nice. Please avoid fluorescent colours and big logos as it can be distracting for the eye in the composition of a photo. You can always take a little photo of your final outfit choice and send it to me if you are not sure what might work best for our session.