" I had high expectations for our photo shoot but I can now say that Jasmina really outperformed them! We knew that photographing our 6 year old photo phobic son would be a challenge but Jasmina rose to it splendidly. She asked many caring questions before the shoot and knew exactly how to behave with him to help him relax. She was exactly what he needed her to be. Energetic, playful, engaging while always remaining sensitive and respectful of our wishes. She managed to take great shots of all of us while making the session a really wonderful moment. We would not have a session with anybody else!"
Elsa and family

"Jasmina is a gifted photographer. She made Henrietta feel at ease and immediately she started having fun and playing in the flowers. Jasmina captured everything we love about her! Jasmina sent the photos really quickly. They are really beautiful and we will treasure them always. Each one could be framed! We look forward to booking Jasmina a year from now for another fun session and an amazing record of our little girl. Thank you again."
Sophie & James

"Oh my goodness they're stunning! They just look beautiful :-) I love the variety of still, reflective moments as well as lots of giggles. And, as ever, you've caught all the little details just wonderfully. What a gorgeous set of pictures to treasure and how wonderful to be able to sit them next to the ones from two years ago and see how much she's grown - quite the little lady now!
Thank you so much for these and for turning the blog round so fast - it's always an impatient wait (!) to see how they turned out (as I always know how much I'll love them and can't wait to see them!) so it's just wonderful to have them so soon. A real surprise and treat."
Rachel and family

"We just had a look at the photos and they are absolutely marvellous ! I'm amazed at how quickly you got them processed; my Mother will sometimes shoot 900+ in a few hours but weeks later she is still sorting them ^^.
You probably captured some of the happiest moments of our lives - this friendship between 4 couples was something quite unique and peculiar...Once again, you have done wonders and we are very grateful for the extra time and relaxed cheer you provided us with all along !
Take care until next time; as agreed, this is not the last time you hear from us!"
Etienne, Anne-Sophie, Sunny & Andrea

"Once again we are blown away by the beauty of your photos. They are so amazing, and you know they've got a special feeling for all of us. Everyone is so happy to have great memories of that day.
I knew you can do magic but I am once again impressed: you've managed to take few shots of all little ones together! Even before Leo decided to run away from the blanket or the chair :) Thank you so so much. You're such a star! Have a great festive season. Lots of love."
Julie and Family

"We loved the photos. Your recommendation of Minster Lovell was perfect. It was a great location and Hunter loved exploring. You were great with the kids and made the session fun. We particularly like the photos you took of the kids both together and by themselves. We would definitely like to use you again if we have any more photo sessions in the future! Thanks so much."
Sarah and Family

"Dear Jasmina, we absolutely love the photos you took of our family. They are truly precious & we will cherish them. Thank you for doing such a beautiful job of capturing this phase of our lives. "
Louis Family

"Dear Jasmina, the CD arrived today and the photos are amazing! So many different facets of our family we will cherish them all! So lovely to have captured the children at a young age and the setting is truly magical. I hope we can rebook next year to get a new set when Oscar will probably be walking...Thanks so much for a creative shoot and for sending the photos so quickly."
Best wishes, Charlotte

"We've just gown through all the beautiful photos received today. Thank you so much for capturing again magical family moments. They are all so gorgeous. We can't stop watching them. Again, you've done such an amazing job. This memories are so precious! Your photo are so colourful and "true". You always capture the moment perfectly. We love the "Jasmina touch". Thank you for being so calm and patient as well with little one. Thanks to you we've got beautiful memories of the past 12 months!"
Julie, Mehdi and Léo

"Oh my goodness me. I'm grinning from ear to ear :-) These are my favourite set yet!! So beautiful. You have outdone yourself once again. You'll have to start selling 'home renovation packages' with your photo shoots to give people enough wall space to hang all these amazing pictures!! We couldn't be happier - we utterly adore them. You've captured her happiness, adventuring spirit, thoughtfulness, and childlike brilliance perfectly. Thank you again for such amazing images which we will treasure (and for introducing us to a beautiful spot that we'll definitely be going back to). You usually expect to get one killer shot each time - the 'one' that will make it onto your screensaver and into photo frames for us and loved ones. This time there are honestly so many we'll have to get several frames. Just beautiful."
Rachel and Family

"We asked Jasmina to take photos of our little man when we was first born. We loved the photos so much we arranged another photo session for his first birthday. His one year photos are absolutely beautiful. Our little man's big personality is shining through. These photos will make us smile for a long time to come."
Sophie and Family

"I love Jasmina's work, she takes such natural shots and captures beautifully the essence of family life and fun. We did a shoot with her at Stoke Wood which was a perfect location and we had such fun. The photos are amazing, so many great ones to choose, thank you Jasmina."
Michelle and Family

"Jasmina, Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures. You’ve done again such an amazing work! We received the CD with all the images today wrapped in a delicate packaging – lovely touch… the “Jasmina touch” I would say! Photos are absolutely fabulous! We love them all! We can’t stop watching them! You capture this magical moment and our love for each other’s so well. Thanks to you we will have wonderful memories that we will treasure over the years. For sure, we will recommend you. You are such a star! Not only a great photographer, but a wonderful person. You put people at ease and you are so sweet to child. I must say that our little boy appreciated the session as much as we did! Be ready, we are already thinking about our next session!"
Julie, Mehdi & Léo

"Thank you so much for capturing our family reunion so effectively – it’s lovely to have a memento of the three generations together in familiar surroundings. Your photographs leap off the page, as they convey the kids’ raw energy and enthusiasm for quality time with their grandparents. We’ll cherish the collection for years to come."
The Colquhoun clan xx

"We had a great time with Jasmina. She interacted so well with the children, and got some great shots - not easy when the target is constantly moving! She has a good eye for framing shots, and worked together with us very well. Communication pre, during, and post were fantastic. The photos are lovely, and of high calibre. The turnaround time was quick -within a week. All in all, very pleased. Would recommend to others, and will definitely look forward to more photo sessions with her."
Andrew and family

"We knew that choosing Jasmina to photograph our children was the right decision but we had no idea she would capture their personality as well as she did. She's patient and so warming to creating a relaxing mood. We loved the blog but even more blown away when the CD arrived. Family are already asking for contact details to arrange photo shoots for thier little ones. I've got a tough task of choosing which one to put on walls and give to family members now...
Can't wait for the next session Jasmina, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Debbie, Daniel, Jessica & James

"Jasmina, these are absolutely beautiful images. We couldn't be more thrilled. It's so wonderful how you've managed to capture the many different moods and expressions of our little lady! Not surprising given how amazingly you settled her in to the session - she just relaxed and was herself. Once again we'll have to find some more wall space (your images from over the years are everywhere!) - what a perfect set of memories you are creating for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you xx"
Rachel and family

"Having seen Jasmina’s wonderful gallery and blog we had high hopes for our photos and of course, we were not disappointed – we absolutely love our photos. In fact, the problem we have is which pictures to choose to put onto the wall! What we didn’t expect though, was just how much fun the photo session would be. Jasmina was able to build an instant rapport with our 3 year old which was just lovely as Imogen spent the whole time laughing and smiling and the subsequent photos really are a record of a fun morning in the park. Thank you so much Jasmina, we love our pictures, we loved our session and we look forward to seeing you again."
Jane and family

"The pictures are fantastic Jasmina! We are so so happy with them I can't tell you! They absolutely are what we wanted!!! Wish we'd flown you out to Italy to do our wedding ones because I'd love to feel about them how I feel about Sophia's. Thank you very very much. xxx"
Claire and family

"I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU! We received the photos this morning. Thanks for being so quick! They are beautiful! We can't stop watching them ;) And you even took the time to do a beautiful package! such a lovely touch. You are brilliant! We really appreciated the session with you: you're so patient and kind! Perfect for little ones. Now we'll have beautiful memories to treasure! You also took the time to listen to our suggestion and shared with me your "mummy experience" -thanks!" - you're definately more than a photographer! A kind person! See you in few months for a family session!"
Mehdi, Julie & Léo

"Thank you for the CD with all the marvellous photographs. You have done such a great job and this will be a really wonderful way to remember Erik's first year. Thank you very, very much!"
Sarah and family

"Jasmina's photos have beautifully captured how gorgeous our little one is. They will be treasured."

" Thank you thank you thank you!!! The pics arrived today and we just had a look through them all. They are great!! Love the setting in the forest. It all looks so peaceful and happy. We are very pleased!!!"

"Jasmina, thank you again for such a beautiful assortment of images of my girls. We received the gorgeously packaged disk today and immediately we all sat down and flicked through the images together, Lila was particularly fond of her images of playing hide and seek with "Elfie and Jasmina". You always bring a sense of calm and fun to our sessions and you always capture the moments perfectly :) thank you from us all and for helping to create some very happy memories over the past 12 months."
Much love, Lila, Winnie, David and Sherin :) Xxx

"BIG BIG thank you from all of us, Jasmina for such a wonderful photo shoot we had in the woods! We were more than a little apprehensive about our first family photo shoot, would the children play nicely, would the men folk smile on demand, would the weather be kind etc etc.. And we couldn't have had a more wonderful experience or be more thrilled with the photos we have received!! You were a joy to be with and the children were relaxed and happy so the adults all could be too! And it truly shows in the pictures!! Utterly priceless and the Grandparents will be a little teary eye'd I'm sure on Christmas Day when they open them! Can't wait for the next shoot!!!!!"

"Wow! You've done it again, Jasmina! What beautiful pictures you've produced of our little girl - how we'll choose our favourites I don't know! You've captured Olivia so brilliantly - every picture really reminds us of some little habit or look she has so they will be so special to us over the years. We had such fun with you during the shoot too - you're just brilliant at putting little people at ease and finding their smiles. Within moments of me sharing the photos on Facebook they were complimented left, right and centre by our friends and family - and we'll be recommending you to them all! Thank you again - can't wait for next time :-)"

"The photos Jasmina took of our son are wonderful and have surpassed all our expectations. She managed to capture our son’s personality and the moment beautifully, which is due in great part to the rapport she struck up with our son in a very short time. We would not hesitate to recommend Jasmina to our friends and family and hope to use her again – maybe next time for our wedding."
Sarah, Daniel, Peter & Toby

"I'm going to run out of words soon to describe how fabulous your photos are, Jasmina! We've just received our CD of photos from our second session and we are completely blown away - yet again - at just how many great pictures you took. You are so incredibly talented, both technically (you capture colour just beautifully) and in terms of working with little people. Our daughter smiles and smiles during your sessions - you put her so at ease she was asking for cuddles as you left!! Your photos will adorn our walls for many years to come (though I have no idea how we'll pick between them all!) and this will definitely not be our last session with you - we can't wait to see what comes next! Thank you so much"
Andy, Rachel and Olivia xx

"Thanks a lot Jasmina for the lovely photo shoot - Sunny's pictures have been all around both families in small and large albums and everyone loves them :) It would be great to have another session when she turns 1~ish ! Keep up the beautiful work :)"
Etienne, Anne-Sophie & Sunny

"We loved the photos and I loved the CD case too, it’s lovely.... you are very creative! Thank you so much, the photos were just what we wanted, they’re brilliant!"
Ann and Tim

"Thank you so much for the wonderful photos Jasmina! We will treasure them for years to come. You have a unique talent."
Claire, Jon and Manon

"Delighted with our amazing photos thanks to Jasmina. A fun, relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable photo shoot resulting in natural pictures that capture my son's personality just perfectly. I would recommend Jasmina to anyone without hesitation."
Nicola Gargan

"Wow, Jasmina... Yet again you have left me speechless. You are truely amazing and so talented. Your photography is outstanding, such detail and clarity. I love every single photo you have taken, it's so hard to choose one favourite... They are all my favourite! The time and energy you put into your photography really shows how passionate you are about your work. You have a wonderful gift with children, making the session relaxed and so much fun. Our children adore you. I can't recommend Jasmina enough. All I can say is, if you are lucky enough to live in the area of this amazing, talented lady, book her immediately. You will only wish you had met her sooner. This is far from my last session!! Thank you once again, you are truely brilliant!"
Crystal Betteley

"We are so pleased with the wonderful images Jasmina took of my two children (aged 2 and 4) recently. She bonded with them instantly, even my daughter who is usually very shy, and captured some brilliant pictures. The results are some beautiful memories which we will treasure forever. I've no doubt we will be contacting Jasmina again in the not too distant future. Highly recommended!"

"We have just received a beautiful package which contains THE most stunning images of our crazy little family. We all immediately befriended Jasmina and she was a welcome addition to our little home for the hours she was here. She managed to capture the essence and free spirits of our children! My husband and I are delighted and cannot wait for our next sessions :)
Thank you so much :) x"

"Wow wow wow! We are completely in love with the photos you took of our lovely daughter. We've looked at them at least 100 times already and know we will enjoy them for years to come. You've captured Olivia's personality just wonderfully - we truly couldn't be happier. Everybody we show the photos to squeals with delight - you've done such a wonderful job. We also wanted to thank you for making the shoot such fun. Olivia completely relaxed in your company - you can tell you're a mum! - and we all giggled and giggled. We're so glad we'll be seeing you again in a few months time; we can't wait to see you and yet more of your beautiful photos - they really are the perfect way to remember these special days xx"

"Thank you so so much Jasmina for our beautiful photos of our little family! We are so pleased and very impressed with all the photos that you took. The quality of the photos is great and we like all the little details that you captured. Our family and friends also love them :)"
Thanks again from Craig, Anne & Maya

"We wanted to thank Jasmina for the truly beautiful pictures she took of our little girl Manon at 10 days old. And thanks for your patience! We look forward to seeing you again when Manon is about 6 months old!"
Claire and Jon

"After a having Jasmina take some gorgeous photographs of our little girl at 6 months old, we got back in touch with her to do a family photoshoot for her first birthday. We are so happy we did as the results are beautiful! You wouldn't think it was a bit of an overcast, muddy morning as the colours are so lovely and vibrant. Jasmina took a lot of time and care over the setting and took notice of so many little details you might eventually forget, such as the birthday wrapping paper and messages on tags. The ones of our daughter enjoying her first taste of birthday cake are priceless and we are very grateful for all Jasmina's effort. Thankyou! Time to buy more photo frames..."
Laura and Michael

"I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely photos of Alfie, you did a wonderful job and we love the results! Hopefully see you again on his 1st Birthday! :)"
Sam and Alfie

"We loved our photo session with Jasmina and were extremely happy with the beautiful pictures. Our 2 year old is sometimes not keen on strangers but relaxed immediately with Jasmina, who made the whole session fun. We are really looking forward to another photo shoot with her."
Jan and Jay

"Jasmina is truely inspirational. She has a very special gift as a photographer. Jasmina has an eye for the smallest of details and has a wonderful creative touch to her photography. Jasmina made us all feel so comfortable. I've never seen my two year old daughter so relaxed with a stranger, she made her laugh so much.
It was like we've known her for years! Our newborn son was equally relaxed with Jasmina, the shots were so natural and absolutely perfect. Jasmina has a real passion for her work. I will definitely be asking Jasmina to capture our children's lives a they grow. I cannot recommend her enough.Truely brilliant in every way-thank you!"

"We had such a lovely time at our baby photo shoot. Jasmina is so friendly she quickly built up a great rapport with me and my husband, and she was brilliant with our baby. Jasmina has a fantastic eye - we don't even have a proper nursery yet Jasmina very quickly picked out things to take photos of and made some fantastic collages.
She was so good with our baby too, keeping him relaxed and happy the entire time. The results are excellent and very much looking forward to putting all of our lovely images in a baby album. We would thoroughly recommend booking Jasmina, you will not be disappointed!"
Kathryn and Patrick

"Jasmina took a beautiful set of pictures of our little boy and us as a family. The shoot was so relaxed and we really enjoyed it. She clearly loves children and her fun personality comes across in the photos that she takes. Our baby warmed to her straight away and did not stop smiling for the whole shoot. I was so impressed with the quality of the photos and the way that she uses lighting. She also has a real eye for all those little details in his room and there were some lovely surprises when we looked through the pictures. I hope that she will take some more pictures for us at some point in the future."
Zoe, Nick and Benjamin

"We had a lovely photo session, you have been fantastic with the children and so patient. The photos were delivered very quickly and we are very pleased with them. Thank you Jasmina!"
Sara Rognoni

"Thank you Jasmina for the wonderful photos that you took of our newborn son and his room, they have captured him at this age so perfectly and will be a lovely reminder as he grows."
Rachel and Adam

"Thank you Jasmina for a lovely day and for looking after us so well. You have the patience of a saint and the photos are fantastic, more than we could have hoped for. Thank you for these beautiful memories."
Jennifer Edwards

"I am very glad my husband and I chose Jasmina to photograph our 6 month old daughter! We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome!! She has really captured our little girl's expressions and personality, which is wonderful. She also spent a lot of time photographing the little details of her nursery to form beautiful collages of our daughter's special things which will be lovely for her to look back on when she's older. Jasmina is extremely friendly, patient and clearly very passionate about photography; she took great care to get just the right shots and we would not hesitate to have her return to take more photos of our little girl as she grows. Very happy mummy and daddy! :)"
Laura Brown

"We really enjoyed the photo shoot with Jasmina. It is clear that Jasmina really enjoys her work, she was very friendly, professional and patient which helped ensure that our newborn baby stayed calm throughout the photo shoot. As a result we have some fantastic photos to share with our families. Jasmina's suggestion to photograph our son with items of sentimental value was a real hit with the grandparents! We can't recommend Jasmina enough, as well as being a fun experience we now have some special pictures of our son in his first few days.
Thanks Jasmina!"
Anna and Paul

"Totally original, with an amazing talent for getting the best from her clients, I have known many photographer's but with Jasmina you get so much more from the beginning to the end result, we would not use anyone else!!"
Jacks Melton

"Jasmina created a lovely, relaxing photo shoot which produced simply gorgeous results - the smiles said it all! She came with her own ideas for positions and settings but also listened to any ideas we had. I will definitely be asking her to do more photos in the future! "
Hannah Horton

"Jasmina is a superb photographer who captured pictures of our two month old baby perfectly. Jasmina talked to Zennor throughout making her smile and be her usual cheeky self which was portrayed beautifully in the
photographs. Jasmina's calm and sensitive approach made Zennor's true spirit come alive in the photos! We would strongly recommend Jasmina!"
Rich and Emma